Abaja Contracting Establishment (ACE) in partnership with Agas International Company of Bahrain and Al-Awaji Holding Company are the owners of residue pond. The pitch oil is recovered from residue by applying suitable technical process developed by process contractor, Terra- Mumbai and it is mixed with LVGO/Diesel oil /lube oil in the proper ratio to produce a value added product known as Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) in a plant called as “Process Area”. The Mechanical & Civil work has been sub-contracted to M/s Chemie -Tech Projects Pvt Ltd and Electrical and Instrumentation work is carried out by us. The production capacity of RFO plant is 2500 MT per day aggregating to 75000 MT per month.

The RFO thus produced is exported via marine import/export terminal at “ Jetty Area”. The distance between “ Process Area” and “Jetty Area” is 20 km and mode of transport is road trucks. For this purpose 2 ships of RFO each of 35000 MT consignments are dispatched in each month. In 1st phase LVGO & Diesel will be mixed with pitch oil to produce RFO. After successful completion of 1st phase the necessary used lube oil will be imported via import/export terminal in the 2nd phase at later date for manufacture of RFO. The facilities are designed to export RFO at the rate of 75000 MT per month and import lube oil at the rate of 30000 MT per month.

The necessary infrastructure facilities such as storage tanks and associated facilities for handling RFO, used lube oil, Diesel / LVGO, fire water and process water are built at process area, At process area the storage capacity of RFO is 20000 MT (2 tank of 10000 MT) and storage capacity of Lube oil is 10000 MT. The storage capacity of Diesel / LVGO is 10000 MT (2500 X 4 tanks).

Also the export terminal is built at Jetty Area located 20 km away from Process Area for exporting the value-added product RFO. The export terminal has storage tanks and associated facilities for handling RFO, used lube oil, fire water etc. At Jetty Area the storage capacity of RFO is 40000 MT(one tank of 20000 MT and two tanks of 10000 MT ) and storage capacity of Lube Oil is 10000 MT.