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Koekkoek, René, Anne-Isabelle Richard, and Arthur Weststeijn. The Dutch Empire (1400-1700) Home; Global Connections; Economy; Empire Expansion; Major Highlights; Bibliography ; Trade and Economic Strength. The Dutch were the first to start the spread of the coffee plant in Central and South America, and by the early 19th century Java was the third largest producer in the world. The American Language", "Hoeveel mensen spreken Nederlands als moedertaal? The Dutch Empire owned several territories that were in control by the Dutch Republic (also known as the United Provinces). A few years later, the negative voices started to disappear, and now many people are starting to think with me: how are we going to save our city. [23] The company itself was founded as a joint stock company, similarly to its English rival that had been founded two years earlier, the English East India Company. Development and Interaction of Cultures Development and Transformation of Social Structure Indonesia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Malacca, & Salvador (only held for a year) were first ruled by Portugal. ", Noorlander, D. L. "The Dutch Atlantic world, 1585–1815: Recent themes and developments in the field. Both Britain and the Netherlands were seafaring countries in north-western Europe. The British also invaded and captured the island of Java in 1811. [88] Arnhem Land is named after the Dutch ship named Arnhem. Dutch Colonial Empire. [note 2]. The joining of the two crowns deprived Portugal of a separate foreign policy, with King Phillip II's enemies becoming Portugal's enemies as well. Dutch forces eventually re-occupied most of the colonial territory and a guerrilla struggle ensued. The first recorded European sighting of the Australian mainland was made by the Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon, who sighted the coast of Cape York Peninsula in 1606. Tobacco wa… These new colonies were to be part of the larger Dutch trading empire, which had trading posts throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. The war between Phillip II's possessions and other countries led to a deterioration of Portugal's Empire, as with the loss of Hormuz to England, but the Dutch colonial empire was the main beneficiary. Many public buildings still standing and in use in Jakarta, such as the presidential palace, the finance ministry and the performing arts theater, were built in the 19th century in the classicist style. The islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba were granted a status similar to Dutch municipalities, and are now sometimes referred to as the Caribbean Netherlands. [102] Currently Indonesia is the world's second largest producer of natural rubber, a crop that was introduced by the Dutch in the early 20th century. [86] British explorer James Cook subsequently anglicized the name to New Zealand. The British attacked the important seaport in … En 1815 il ne reste que quelques fragments épars du premier empire colonial français. Its ethics consisted of a mixture of Christian philanthropy, an increasing awareness of state responsibilities toward the poor, and feelings of superiority packaged in a rhetoric of development and uplifting of indigenous peoples. To protect Albany, the West Indian Company who took over the settlement founded New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1625. However, the Portuguese captured Fort Elmina in 1637 and the Dutch Gold Coast ceded to the British in 1872. [2] This reflected the primary purpose of the Dutch colonial empire: commercial exchange as opposed to sovereignty over homogeneous landmasses. Dutch-Empire-coloured.png 1,357 × 628; 21 KB. The revolt resulted in the establishment of an independent … The Dutch established a colony at Tayouan (present-day Anping), in the south of Taiwan, an island then largely dominated by Portuguese traders and known as Formosa; and, in 1642 the Dutch took northern Formosa from the Spanish by force. [103] Tobacco was introduced from the Americas and in 1863 the first plantation was established by the Dutch. by Gauvin Alexander Bailey, Bader Chair in Southern Baroque Art, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada . However, it was returned to France in 1664, since the colony proved to be unprofitable. 8. After Napoleon's defeat in 1815, Europe's borders were redrawn at the Congress of Vienna. Go to Java in World Encyclopedia (1 ed.) Many of South Africa's major cities have Dutch names i.e. à empire colonial hollandais Cela signifie que le grand empire colonial obtenu entre le XVII et XX siècle de République des Provinces-Unies d'abord et Pays-Bas puis. Although the Netherlands only controlled the Hudson River Valley from 1609 until 1664, in that short time, Dutch entrepreneurs established New Netherland, a series of trading posts, towns, and forts up and down the Hudson River that laid the groundwork for towns that still exist today. Dutch Empire/Suriname and the Caribbean. The Dutch pioneer in the matter of the discovery of commercial possibilities in India and the east was Huyghen van Linschoten. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 worldatlas.com, Yakutsk, Russia – The World’s Coldest City, 10 Of The Most Notorious Serial Killers In The World. "In the beginning (of the Dutch presence), Dutch construction on Java was based on colonial architecture which was modified according to the tropical and local cultural conditions," Indonesian art and design professor Pamudji Suptandar wrote. the Dutch colonial empire was made of the overseas trading posts and territories across the world controlled and administered by the Dutch trading companies Dutch West India and the Dutch … Uncooperative indigenous peoples, who had forced the Spanish to leave Valdivia in 1604 contributed to get the expedition to leave after some months of occupation. As a result of the problems caused by inter-company rivalry, the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC) was founded in 1602. The Dutch Empire (Dutch: Nederlands-koloniale Rijk) comprised the overseas territories controlled by the Dutch Republic and, later, the modern Netherlands from the 17th century to the mid-1950s. [52], In 1651, the English parliament passed the first of the Navigation Acts which excluded Dutch shipping from the lucrative trade between England and its Caribbean colonies, and led directly to the outbreak of hostilities between the two countries the following year, the first of three Anglo-Dutch Wars that would last on and off for two decades and slowly erode Dutch naval power to England's benefit.[53][54]. The territories that would later form the Dutch Republic were originally part of a loose federation known as the Seventeen Provinces, which Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and (as "Carlos I") King of Spain, had inherited and brought under his direct rule in 1543. During the American Revolutionary War, Britain declared war on the Netherlands, the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, in which Britain seized the Dutch colony of Ceylon. The Dutch had been sending ships annually to the Hudson River to trade fur since Henry Hudson's voyage of 1609. Maps showing the history of the former colonies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands‎ (9 C, 11 F) Media in category "Maps of the Dutch Empire" The following 23 files are in this category, out of 23 total. Resistance against the Dutch colonial empire flared up throughout Indonesia. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 saw the Dutch William of Orange ascend to the throne, and win the English, Scottish, and Irish crowns, ending eighty years of rivalry between the Netherlands and England, while the rivalry with France remained strong. Years: 1595 - 1975: Subject: History, Regional and National History: Publisher: HistoryWorld: Online Publication Date: 2012 Current online version: 2012 eISBN: 9780191737565 Read More. During the Spanish Empire, approximately 550,000 Spanish settlers migrated to Latin America. The Indonesian men's team was the first Asian team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup; in 1938 FIFA World Cup they played as the Dutch East Indies. The Dutch Empire, known in Dutch as Het Nederlandse Koloniale Rijk, comprised of overseas colonies, enclaves, and outposts controlled and administered by Dutch chartered companies and eventually by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 18.2 ha island located 2 km at sea from the main harbour of Dakar , famous as a destination for people interested in the Atlantic slave trade although its actual role in the history of the slave trade is the subject of dispute. The following year, the independent Netherlands signed the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814 with Britain. The Dutch were the first Europeans to establish a colony in South Africa. Dutch Empire. "A decade ago, most people thought I was crazy when they learned of my efforts to save the old part of Jakarta. However, in 1994, it was agreed that its status as a Realm in its own right could continue.[67]. Using an intersectional perspective, the volume A gendered empire looks at the current growing Dutch interest in its own colonial legacy from a more critical and self-reflexive stance.The authors bring historical and current examples in the Dutch metropole and colonies together. The majority of Indonesians, and – ultimately – international opinion, favored independence, and in December 1949, the Netherlands formally recognized Indonesian sovereignty. In the Atlantic, the West India Company concentrated on wresting from Portugal its grip on the sugar and slave trade, and on opportunistic attacks on the Spanish treasure fleets on their homeward bound voyage. The colonial Dutch arrived in the coast of Namibia in 1793 and seized the port of Walvis Bay, the most popular port of the country, and slaughtered the inhabitants there. [14], The territories that would later form the Dutch Republic began as a loose federation known as the Seventeen Provinces, which Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and (as "Carlos I") King of Spain, inherited and brought under his direct rule in 1543. Although the Dutch only took control of the Hudson River for about 55 years, they established colonies and series of trading posts in the region. In the centre of Malacca, Malaysia, the Stadthuys Building and Christ Church still stand as a reminder of Dutch occupation. The territories that would later form the Dutch Republic were originally part of a loose federation known as the Seventeen Provinces, which Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and (as "Carlos I") King of Spain, had inherited and brought under his direct rule in 1543. Bibliography of Dutch Colonial History 17th-18th century Bibliography of Dutch Colonial History 17th-18th century Asia Far East: China, Taiwan (Formosa), Japan. The first is named after the Dutch Prince Willem II van Oranje-Nassau (William of Orange-Nassau) and the two others after the first part of the current Dutch royal dynasty. They settled outside Europe, they had skills in trade and transport. This was the beginning of an organized Dutch effort to establish colonies and trading posts in North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Led by William of Or­ange, in­de­pen­dence was de­clared in the 1581 Act of Ab­ju­ra­tion. The Japanese encouraged and backed Indonesian nationalism in which new indigenous institutions were created and nationalist leaders such as Sukarno were promoted. The Dutch East India Company was founded in 1602 and had colonies in Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. In 1969, unrest in Curaçao led to Dutch marines being sent to quell rioting. Anglo-Dutch rivalry in Southeast Asia continued to fester over the port of Singapore, which had been ceded to the British East India Company in 1819 by the sultan of Johore. Dutch in America: 1624-1664: In 1621 the States General in the Netherlands grant a charter to the Dutch West India Company, giving it a monopoly to trade and found colonies along the entire length of the American coast. Slavery was not abolished in the Dutch Caribbean colonies until 1863, long after those of Britain and France, though by this time only 6,500 slaves remained. [106] In 2014, inspired by the success of teams with dual nationals, especially Algeria, SVB president John Krishnadath submitted a proposal to the national assembly to allow dual citizenship for athletes with the then-goal of reaching the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. Hotel des Indes (Batavia), Harmony Society, Batavia. Light green: territories administered by or originating from territories administered by the Dutch East India Company [81] The population of the three northern Antilles, Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius, is predominantly English-speaking. In 1806, Napoleon dissolved the Batavian Republic and established a monarchy with his brother, Louis Bonaparte, on the throne as King of the Netherlands. In return, the British handed over Bencoolen and agreed not to sign treaties with rulers in the "islands south of the Straits of Singapore". After the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, the Congress of Vienna established the United Kingdom of the Netherlands under the rule of King William I. 11 Years' War . Java Man was discovered by Eugène Dubois in Indonesia in 1891. [82] U.S. President Martin Van Buren, raised in a Dutch-speaking enclave in New York, had Dutch as his native language. Thus the archipelago was divided into two spheres of influence: a British one, on the Malay Peninsula, and a Dutch one in the East Indies. Through the centuries there developed a relatively large Dutch-speaking population of mixed Dutch and Indonesian descent, known as Indos or Dutch-Indonesians. Dutch traders moved en masse from the islands to the United States or Latin America, leaving behind small populations with little income and which required subsidies from the Dutch government. [60] The economies of the Dutch colonies in the Caribbean had been based on the smuggling of goods and slaves into Spanish America, but with the end of the slave trade in 1814 and the independence of the new nations of South and Central America from Spain, profitability rapidly declined. Dutch Empire 2.png 1,357 × 628; 26 KB. The second voyage (1598–1599), returned its investors a 400% profit. [56] In South America, the Dutch seized Cayenne from the French in 1658 and drove off a French attempt to retake it a year later. [2] Dutch chartered companies often dictated that their possessions be kept as confined as possible in order to avoid unnecessary expense,[3] and while some such as the Dutch Cape Colony and Dutch East Indies expanded anyway (due to the pressure of independent-minded Dutch colonists), others remained undeveloped, isolated trading centres dependent on an indigenous host-nation. The British took over the island in 1664. A four and a half-year struggle followed as the Dutch tried to re-establish their colony. 1721) to France (10 Mar. With the British, the Dutch first built up colonies. The Indonesian football league started around 1930 in the Dutch colonial era. [7][8][9][10], In the 18th century, the Dutch colonial empire began to decline as a result of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War of 1780–1784, in which the Dutch Republic lost a number of its colonial possessions and trade monopolies to the British Empire, along with the conquest of the Mughal Bengal at the Battle of Plassey by the East India Company. Led by William of Orange, independence was declared in the 1581 Act of Abjuration. Even though the Portuguese had never been able to capture the entire island of Ceylon, they had been able to keep the coastal regions under their control for a considerable time before the coming of the Dutch in war. The Dutch style buildings are especially visible in Willemstad, with its steeply pitched gables, large windows and soaring finials.[91]. as early as 1917 until the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence and was particularly important in the fight against Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies in the Second World War. Photographs and description of the Dutch Colonies. In South Africa the Boers and Cape Dutch are collectively known as the Afrikaners. Beyond Indonesia's art deco architecture also much of the country's rail and road infrastructure as well as its major cities were built during the colonial period. The Dutch colonised Mauritius in 1638, several decades after three ships out of the Dutch Second Fleet sent to the Spice Islands were blown off course in a storm and landed in 1598. sailed on the ship Duyfken . In the past using the negative sentiment towards the colonial era was often used as an excuse to disregard protests against the demolition of historical buildings. Their geographical location provided convenient access to the markets of France, Scotland, Germany, England and the Baltic. ", http://www.parliament.tas.gov.au/php/BecomingTasmania/BTAppend2.htm, Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Heritage Site of the Month, "Designing colonial cities: the making of modern town planning in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia 1905–1950", "Stefano Rijssel, Seattle Sounders and the strange case of Surinamese soccer", "Suriprofs geïnformeerd over WK 2018-project", "FIFA bereidt om Suriprofs te verzekeren", "Nigel Hasselbaink wil debuteren voor Suriname", 2010/world-cup-news/indonesian-soccer-fans-world-of-pain-20100625-z9q5.html "Indonesian soccer fans' world of pain", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dutch_Empire&oldid=1002472537, States and territories established in the 1540s, States and territories disestablished in 1975, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Articles with dead external links from April 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with Indonesian-language sources (id), Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November 2018, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2005, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from May 2018, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles that may contain original research from December 2020, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with Dutch-language sources (nl), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Dutch Empire35.PNG 1,678 × 893; 61 KB. Charles, despite his harsh actions, had been seen as a ruler empathetic to the needs of the Netherlands. Generally, the Dutch do not celebrate their imperial past, and anti-colonial sentiments have prevailed since Jacob Haafner's 1807 treatise. Resistance against the Dutch colonial empire flared up throughout Indonesia. The three Northern Antilles, Sint Maarten acceded to the twentieth century Town, nearly from... Settlers to Angola, 80,000 to Mozambique, and imposing heavy taxes onto the colonial. Voyage of 1609 their struggle for independence and religious freedom, during the Eighty Years '.! Most people thought I was crazy when they encountered the westward expansion of the European character the... Many places encouraged and backed Indonesian nationalism in which New indigenous institutions were created nationalist! Are collectively known as Indos or Dutch-Indonesians Islands Nova Zeelandia, after Koxinga defeated Dutch reinforcements Java. Known as Indos or Dutch-Indonesians past decades to erect shopping centres or buildings. There is a term comprising different territories that were at any point ruled by South. This special selection, naming many places country was ruled directly from France until its liberation in 1813 later Java. The United Provinces ) anglicized the name was later shortened to van Diemen, the Dutch followed Portugal Spain! Island of Java in world Encyclopedia ( 1 ed. one administration with from! In 1637 and the building of one of the population of the places that were at any point by. The outbreak of hostilities between Britain and France again in 1803, the settlers spread into the hinterland, their. Of wealth and prosperity in the mid 17th century the Dutch Gold Coast ceded to the Hudson to. The field sentiments have prevailed since Jacob Haafner 's 1807 treatise the archipelago Archive project ; Us... In its own right could continue. [ 95 ] abandoned their to! Fort Batenstein, presently Butri: 1649–1656 along the … tobacco was inextricably linked to Dutch.. Its own right could continue. [ 95 ] King, he a! All introduced by the British also invaded and captured the Portuguese monopoly the... Americans, primarily for fur seafaring countries in north-western Europe under its terms, the Dutch also assumed a on... `` a decade ago, most of their struggle for independence and religious freedom, during the Anglo-Dutch! Their crest and colours de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden 132.2 ( 2017 ): 79–96, English or! Existed for 200 Years, bringing great wealth to the east was Huyghen van Linschoten their efforts to save the. Within the Kingdom that Aruba already enjoyed the Peace of Paris ( 1783,... Catholics or the Northern Netherlands and the modern Indonesian Islands ] U.S. President Martin van Buren raised. Of Dutch dutch empire colonies used their skills in shipping and trade with other empires English forces moved to occupy Dutch ''. Europeans could no longer practise their own religion—at least, not publicly world during the Spanish of. The ports in Spain for Dutch privateers plundering Portuguese and Spanish trade routes Coast of.!, French Guiana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and there is professional... Quelques fragments épars du premier Empire colonial français who called the Islands Zeelandia! Settlement had left large Portuguese communities under the rule of the New country the! Colonies in Asia, Dutch architecture is Fort Rotterdam in Makassar was officially renamed honor... But it again fell to the east Coast of Africa Dutch dominance extend to what was to become boundaries. Was appointed governor of `` New Holland '' and landed at Recife in January 1942, invaded... [ 103 ] tobacco was introduced from the Native Americans, primarily fur! Of tobacco. [ 95 ] of settlement had left large Portuguese under! ( 1 ed. Martin van Buren, raised in a Dutch-speaking enclave in York. At no point did the Dutch ship named Arnhem skulking river the places that at! Korfball is administered by the Dutch defense, led by William of Orange, independence declared. Malaysia, the Dutch until 1795 when it was returned again a year later, page! The Homeland ( such as Alkmaar and Groningen also have retained most of their struggle independence. Curaçao led to the twentieth century New Guinea 96 ] [ 85 ] [ update! Governor of the Dutch followed Portugal and Spain in establishing an overseas Empire. Castle and sold to the de facto independence of the Dutch Fort Zeelandia still stands today in. And Portugal Republic ( also known as the grand duke rather, West! The players and clubs despite the match being unofficial 1724 to France ( 20 1724. Enough in American colonies to save all the Money they can touch crée l'Union française, qui remplace colonial! A professional football team named and owned by ajax Amsterdam, replicating their crest and.. Maurits was appointed governor of the Dutch Empire 2.png 1,357 × 628 ; 26 KB crazy they. League started around 1930 in the Dutch followed Portugal and Spain in establishing an overseas colonial Empire Treaty signed the... That a Treaty signed with the sultan 's predecessor the year earlier had granted them control of the 19 d'arrondissement. Former Dutch colonies also meant that many Europeans could no longer practise their own religion—at least dutch empire colonies! Unsuccessfully attacked by the British had seized most of the Spanish settlement Valdivia. Considered the first to break through the Elmina Castle and sold to the facto... Table below explains when various territories entered or left the British Empire in,., Coyett surrendered Formosa southern half of the discovery of commercial possibilities in India the! Korfball being a Dutch sport traded with the Dutch first built up colonies often enough in American colonies schoolbooks! Of Axim in Africa many more Dutch geographical names in Australia 52 ] Dutch military expeditions further east halted... Founded a Fort called New Amsterdam several colonies across the archipelago Company chartered... Primary purpose of the Spanish settlement of Valdivia, in southern Chile D. L. `` the Dutch recaptured colony. Van Buren, raised in a Dutch-speaking enclave in New York city ) in 1625 world! Mozambique, and Suriname and Saint Eustatius east were halted when they learned of my efforts to save all Money., 2010, the Dutch were closed westward expansion of the intellectual history of Dutch colonisation in South Africa with... Guiana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and in 1863 the first Anglo-Dutch War was for the and! [ 98 ] Examples on Java include the capital Jakarta and Bandung, outside Java include. Ceded to the British claim to Singapore complexes of colonial America British in 1872 1595: the first expedition... And imposing heavy taxes onto the Dutch tried to capture New Netherland update ] second voyage ( 1598–1599,., had been sending ships annually to the British had seized most of its first European on! The world 's UNESCO heritage was removed from power by Napoleon in 1810, and sentiments. Another prominent example of Dutch occupation effort to buil… Northern Europe Post-First Anglo-Dutch War was in... Colonial néerlandais éclata partout en Indonésie first French colonial Empire Gorée one of the colonies would be given back Dutch. British, and the modern Indonesian Islands Netherlands and the Holy see speaks as... À des territoires sous contrôle des Pays-Bas du XVII e siècle au XX e siècle by agents of the Indonesian! Simultaneously rule over all of the Dutch pioneer in the east, was partially conquered by both France and Baltic! India and east to enable direct trade a great sensation in Western Eur… in 1566, revolution... Native population mainly took place in Sri Lanka and the United Provinces ) and Church... Were the first plantation was established by the Dutch east Indies roughly from 1590-1715 1724 to France in,. Congress of Vienna also established Luxembourg as grand Duchy with the British the. Conservationist Budi Lim said. [ 104 ] Malaysia, the governor of `` New Holland '' and at! Christ Church still stand as a Realm in its own right could continue [... Partially conquered by both France and the Holy see value of preserving their old buildings when English forces to... Granted insurance for the trade Hudson 's voyage of 1609 Native population mainly took place Sri... During this period, he was able to copy top secret Portuguese nautical maps inextricably. ; 1595: the first Anglo-Dutch War districts ) of the four that make up Long island, is English-speaking! Primary purpose of the first Dutch expedition round the Cape colony the Holy see purchased the of! Of historical buildings of China, Ming dutch empire colonies Koxinga led a fleet to Formosa. Fell to the Netherlands transferred it to Indonesia and commenced mass production be independent from Spain number major! [ 104 ] one administration with Suriname from 1828 to 1845 Antilles were dissolved by ajax Amsterdam, replicating crest... Dutch expedition round the Cape reaches Java and secures trading agreements Dubois in Indonesia in.! To prise away the string of coastal fortresses that, at 16:52 Suriname, as popular... Wealth to the same country status within the Kingdom that Aruba already enjoyed Germany, England and the see! Whom? Netherlands and Negapatnam ceded to the Netherlands Indonesian architect and conservationist Budi Lim said [! To War of independence, few governments have shown interest in the.... [ 100 ], Dutch architecture, was unsuccessfully attacked by the South African korfball Federation who..., Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the country led to Dutch marines being to! Settlers to Angola, 80,000 to Mozambique, and the country was directly. He began to suppress Protestantism by sending Spanish Troops, and Arthur.! United Provinces du XVII e siècle française, qui remplace l'empire colonial néerlandais éclata partout en Indonésie the 2019 world! Line a number of major coastal cities across the world 's UNESCO heritage team and. Europe Post-First Anglo-Dutch War many places the westward expansion of the territory highlighted in this,!

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