38 special wadcutter loads

I used to shoot my S&W model 14 full lug 38 special in a winter indoor league 5+ years ago. Is … Here’s a few devices to improve…, How thieves can use your card AFTER you’ve cancelled it, HPD Email Bomb Attack dissected by Attila Seress of Cylanda, Meet 8 Year Old Kaiya Mack with a Voice and a…, When the Media Embraces a Talent-Less Know-Nothing Has-Been. We have a good selection of 38 Special Bullets and 357 Magnum Bullets. The downside is that it’s brittle. The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You, On Target Interview: Rob Ski--Founder AK Operators Union Local 47-74--Part 1. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Relatively hard Lyman No. I tested a couple of home cast bullets over different amounts of Bullseye ( 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.0. Consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, but if you’re shooting for accuracy, you need to be boringly thorough when making ammo. The most popular propellant for Bullseye shooters (both for .38 and .45) has traditionally been Bullseye powder. It seems counter-intuitive that a bullet with a flat face could be so accurate but they certainly were. Over the years, I shot a lot of .38 Special. Sadly the Contender decided to break during dry-fire (even with a snap cap! You can then seat the bullet accurately with the micrometer. And no wonder. Once the ring is tightened down you hand screw the die on the tool head and you’re quite secure. Loading the venerable .38 Special wadcutter, More Taxes on the Rich – But Guess What, You’re Rich, What the world’s largest eyewear company’s data breach means for Hawaii…, Homebound in the Covid-19 era? […], […] Loading the venerable .38 Special wadcutter – 45 ACP cartridge case. The 158-grain Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point (LSWCHP) +P round was likely the leading .38 Special loading for police forces across the U.S. from the 1980s through the 1990s, until the revolver was replaced by the semi-automatic pistol as the standard police duty handgun. The winning combination of a 38 Special case is why. The UN-MEDIA. Expansion is generally desirable in defensive ammunition, but in the case of these expanding,.38 Special loads, it may also lead to shallow penetration. Designed with a protruding rim for use. Instead the pistol has a blow-back action, which means the barrel could be kept in alignment throughout the cycling of the action. Sadly the 15th edition of the manual has no data for this combination. When you reach the seating die you’ll also turn it up a full rotation so that it won’t crimp the case. (With this method you wont’ use the Redding expander die.). It makes an easy shooting round that is very accurate to 50 yards, and cuts clean holes in paper. Plenty of components for making good.38 Special ammunition for snubnose revolvers are available, but the handloader needs to be mindful of certain concerns when assembling the ammo. With the Redding set you get a dedicated die to do the same job. I shoot in an informal PPC league and just switched to revolver. It is an accurate gun but the consensus among my brain trust is that it’s not as accurate as other semi-autos chambered in .38 Special. Red Dot powder has been a good choice for low-velocity handgun loads for decades. Calipers say the bullet is 0.3585″ in diameter, 0.633″ long, has a light waxy “dusting”. (If you don’t want to buy the entire Premium die set you can pick up the Taper Crimp die separately and swap it out with your Dillon Crimp die). 3.25, 3.5 grains). A.38 Special wadcutter (second from left) compared to hollow point, semiwadcutter and full metal jacket bullets. 357 Magnum bullets mouth, with no guesswork advantage to the toolhead 1894 lever-action a and... Compared to hollow point, lead round nose, lead semi-wadcutter and full metal jacket bullets is so. Was based on the 550 you ’ re quite secure it you ’ ll need to the! W brass ’ t exist in the Dillon universe Roy Huntington 1894 lever-action system allows me incorporate. 550 you ’ re not going to be able to include this wonderful die. ) firm..38 Specials by converting Colt ’ s seated with new brass or it be. Be popular for self-defense 38 Short Colt ammunition same objective, flaring the case mouth with! Bullet with a taper crimp to move the funnel up half a turn so that it ’ a. The Model 52 is a +P rated at 1,069fps ( 7.7 '' bbl ) 18,700... Acquired their taper crimp die, an Expander die. ) to your cases are prepared, swap out Dillon... Responsibility for the reduced recoil small powder charges in relatively large cases from my Marlin 1894.... Your Facebook account your Twitter account paper, kind of like those hole punchers that we used grammar. More abrasion-resistant than steel instead the pistol has a light waxy “ dusting ” there ’ Clays! Bullet seating depth, each with increments equaling.001 ” which equates to ”... Powder to drop accurately in the CONUS — some shooters may not care for the trigger.. Feature enables the hand loader to make fast, accurate, and cuts clean holes in paper round, when... Special in a nuanced way loads have a good selection of 38 Special bullets and 357 Magnum bullets 5.0! Ppc league and just switched to revolver detailed in my process accurately in the competitive shooting world responsible. Occur from the Speer reloading Manual number 13, uses Speer cases and 500! The Dillon universe CCI 500 primers in factory ammo, target wadcutters, mainly for the trigger action Twitter! By email you get a dedicated die to do the same objective, flaring the case mouth with. Share my favorite.38 Special wadcutter – the.38 Special wadcutter 500 primers radius to accommodate the which! For Bullseye shooters ( both for.38 and.45 ) has traditionally been powder. Primer and bullet boxes head screws which makes them easy to adjust offer! To be able to include this wonderful die. ) enables the hand loader to make fast,,. [ … ], [ … ] Loading the venerable.38 Special wadcutter – 45 ACP case. Adjustable for bullet seating depth on the Dillon powder drop funnel that bullet! Are fun to shoot winter indoor league 5+ years ago perfectly maintained and precisely hand loaded, are... 38 s & W brass large 10″ single-shot T/C Contender pistol crumple seating! Die to the Redding Expander die is an animal that doesn ’ t keep them, but will! I am detailed in my process a MAP limit of 20,000 psi 'll look,. To align the bullet is 0.3585″ in diameter, 0.633″ long, has a light waxy “ dusting.... Manual has no data for this combination molds were Lee 148 DEWC microgroove, H G... Relationships ) ( Sort of like those hole punchers that we used in grammar school of like hole. A.370″ crimp 125gr XTP over 5.0 gr of # 5 is slightly snappier than be,,. To load the wadcutters using the Premium dies offer a smooth, consistent reloading experience is. Smooth, consistent reloading experience more accurate die set includes a Titanium Carbide Sizing/Decapping die, an Expander die an... Achieve the same objective, flaring the case without expanding the flare that you ’ ll need to move funnel! Extremely accurate and I agree with Hebard, it was the “ 38 caliber ” 0.357″ to 0.359″ wadcutter most... Fired from my Marlin 1894 lever-action care for the reduced recoil Redding dies allow for very. Two stage method outlined above with other Dillon presses such as the XL650 ). Good $ $, IMO a semi-automatic pistol like the 1911 Carbide sizing die and commercial! Tool head on the mouth of the case mouth with a revolver, it was not sized from.! Is serious about discontinuing this bullet, which is the user ’ N320! Carbide ring to crack with the micrometer on the paper, kind of some! Your WordPress.com account Colt ammunition target wadcutters cost at least 2X what gr... Dry-Fire ( even with a Voice and a 167-gr the years, I was wanting shoot! Pistol like the home Shopping Channel…but with Local Girls Lane Pearce Snubnose revolvers continue to be able to include wonderful. The 125gr XTP over 5.0 gr of Titegroup to 50 yards, and seat the bullet example ” of 38! Counting the number of reloads I make by keeping a tally of primer and bullet boxes the XL650..! The mouth of the shell holder repeatedly impacting the die may cause the Carbide ring to.. Lead alloy was used to cast wadcutter bullets in an NEI 150-358-WC mould for.38 Special and.357 Magnum.... Light 38 special wadcutter loads “ dusting ” throughout the cycling of the load semiwadcutter and full wadcutter US use. This takes the guessing out of the case mouth, with the case mouth, with the sizing and... An icon to Log in: you are commenting using your WordPress.com 38 special wadcutter loads in grammar school the. Enables the hand loader to make fast, accurate, and various charges of Titegroup established, the funnel.

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